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I've decided to continue with Shakespeare Audio's.

Please click here for some history...

It doesn't mean however that you can again order for the CD-Rom. It's a download now! The database and soundfiles (MP3) might be a great way to start your own Shakespeare multimedia database (just copy the whole disc to your harddisk). Please note: Windows only - no Apple OS.

- Please check CD-Rom info for details & history
This is what you will be downloading/listening to

PLEASE NOTE: Because of download exceeds I had to stop the downloads of the complete CD-Rom. However, I did start a new site which will allow you to read and listen to shakespeare plays at the same time in the future. But this will take a long time before finally done completely, so bear with me. You can already check some yourself: Shakespeare Audio's.

I also started setting up download and listening options for all these files. See utility on the right or try the Shake5 Player. But it may still take some time before all audio's will be uploaded so please be patient some more...

Happy Shakespeare to you!
- Johnny /moonpub.net
EMAIL: shake5@moonpub.net

Shakespeare Audios


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