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She Drives A Car

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My life has turned upside down
I am dating a rodeo clown
She is touring with a travelling show
I see her once a month or so
to give the girl a break from
bucking and rolling

Guitars and bars that’s her life
She wants me to make her my wife
but I got to think about it
(Take your time!)

I told her: now let’s wait and see
if this life is really meant for me

(She drives a car as long as a train)
– Six wheels rodeo clown
(She’s always singing those country refrains)
– Day in day out no matter what’s the song is about
(She drives a car as long as a train)
– and it makes me wonder who is the fool I say

In baggy pants and red nose on
This girl can really turn me on
She’s got some hidden qualities
I melt each time when she says
Honey aint nothing with no moon
Gimme that honeymoon

(She drives a car as long as a train)
– Big bucks buick… What’s that we got with B?
(She’s always singing those country refrains)
– Like the ones my mama used to sing when I was little
(She drives a car as long as a train)
She drives a car as long as a train

Who is the fool I say….

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